An All Too Familiar Reflection

They move through this life on the edge of the shadows, blending into the sidewalks and doorways where society has decided their blight should remain. Often ignored, each one has a story, one not so different from my own. Their stories, like a common breath, help to remind me who I am and where I come from. They help to define me. They have allowed me to glimpse a piece of their souls from a space of unedited, raw honesty...

“Photography has become an extension of self. It has provided me with the tool to connect to other people and places on a level that goes far deeper than the physical act of clicking the shutter button. It has become my vehicle for expression and connection to soul.”

meTracy J Thomas is a published writer, and a fine art and documentary photographer who specializes in street photography and multimedia storytelling. She has a passion for social issues and connects well with people on the streets in order to promote understanding and share the similarities that tie us together as human beings. She holds an MA from the University of San Francisco in Sports and Fitness Management and an MFA in Photography from the Academy of Art University.

Tracy is also an online class developer and workshop instructor who loves to share her knowledge of photography, business development, and social media marketing with other artists, organizations, and business owners. She is a founder artist, website administrator and curator for the New Era Museum, a contemporary photography collective based in Florence, Italy with a focus on the promotion of mobile photography artists from around the globe.

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